The 2022 F1 Thread

Rudolph Hart

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Jun 21, 2020
That’s two races in a row where Max refused to help his teammate secure second in the championship. I’m starting to lose respect for him completely.


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Sep 27, 2020
First time in 16 years Neither Hamilton or Vettel finished in the top 2.
Frist time since 2007 that Hamilton had zero wins in a season.
lets hope that the fight next year is a true 3 way shootout between 3 different cars.
my hope for next year is that the curse of whoever wins the first race ends second in the championship stays alive. and I hope Max wins the first race.

I also hope that Hamilton can be the first driver to win a race after his 300th start, no one has done that before.
I want Hamilton to win his 8th title, because honestly he should have 9 titles already (2007 he should have won because 3 cars ahead of him should have not been awarded points for illegal fuel cooling and obviously 2021 was decided off track not on track)