EOH Staff takes salary hit while execs score millions


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Mar 4, 2020

This is so typical.

"The large bonuses enjoyed by the C-level executives are therefore a sign that they have done an exceptional job at turning the company around and saving jobs."

So they did it on their own. The staff just sat around eating and enjoying smoke breaks.

What a douche.


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Jun 22, 2020
Cape Town
Love that market giving a nod share price bit:
It's a blip, basically it was valued too low because everyone was expecting it to go out of business, now that it looks like it's not an immediate going concern obviously the shares traded a little higher. The doubling is sensationalism at its best again.

If he got the company to where it should be, it would probably trade around the 8k mark would be my guess after the MS contracts are gone.

Most good employees already left ages ago, remember talking to a guy I was doing Btech with who worked there, his team went from like 8 people with 5 seniors down to 3 with it being him as intermediate and 2 juniors, he was just finishing the degree and then leaving. I doubt there are many good employees left, so those still remaining will generally not do anything about no salary increase, as in some will leave, but they would have left anyways. You don't do loyalty for a company the size of EoH where you're just a tiny cog in a machine, loyalty can only work for small to medium sized companies, and should only be done if you actually get rewarded for it (e.g. you have shares/investment in it).