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    Football Thread: All Teams / All Leagues?

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    Space...the final Frontier

    Liftoff of the CRS-29 mission carrying food, supplies, science and much more to the International Space Station this evening (10/11) Jerry Pike Photography for SpaceX FrontPage
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    Space...the final Frontier

    Starlink 6-31 launches into space above the rising moon tonight (03/12) Jerry Pike Photography for SpaceX FrontPage
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    Music Videos & Shit

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    Natural Science

    Common Green Magpie (Cissa chinensis) in Sikkim, India by Yatin Desai.
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    We love cats!

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    Amazing Pictures Thread

    Simon's Town
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    Grotto Movie Reviews

    Evil Dead Rise (2023) This movie wasn't scary, just very gory. Good acting and was very well shot. 6/10
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    Eskom Power Alerts

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    Eskom Power Alerts

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    One of the pleasure boats at Muizenberg - back in the 60's
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    The Chat Room

    What happened? Old ticker?
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    News bits
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    Series The Long Shadow This is a fascinating true story about The Yorkshire Ripper. It's well made and felt like I stepped right back into the 1970s. 8/10
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    The Chat Room

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    Eskom Power Alerts

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    R.I.P. Thread