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  1. LD50

    Where to go other than dstv

    Is there a cheaper way to watch F1, Motogp and Tour de france ?
  2. LD50

    Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at Oscars

    Your thoughts...
  3. LD50

    Fucking done with the right lane

    The hell with that shit. Me I'm cruising in the middle lane from here on out. It's quiet, it's relaxing...I can live with this. Whatever was waiting for me on the other side can wait a little longer....I'm coming.
  4. LD50

    So, it pisses me off

    when they flash at me on the main and i cant go anywhere. PEOPLE IN front of me, ppl on theleft of me, im stuck and theyflash. Cunts! Piss of poes
  5. LD50

    Who's awake?

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeens !!
  6. LD50


    please don't ask me for anything. I'm useless I dont have anyting to offer and I'm ok with that Like mottos and shit...
  7. LD50

    SARS e-Filing Login error

    Did any of you fellow tax paying mother bitches get this error msg when trying to log in? An unexpected error has occured. We apologise for the inconvenience! (85245120)
  8. LD50

    Why is nobody talking about this rocket booster pickle ?

    The Long March 5B booster is expected to come down this weekend UNCONFUCKINGTROLLED !!! Why is nobody talking about this??
  9. LD50

    Depeche Mode

    You can't be a child of the 80's and be numb towards DM
  10. LD50

    Beneficiaries gone on bank app

    So as title says they're all gone. The whole list. Even on internet banking from desktop. This happened to any of you before? ABSA before anyone ask. Yes I know
  11. LD50

    Water biking Simon's Town

    Any of you done this ? Was it lekka? Looks lekka!
  12. LD50

    R.I.P. Thread

    RIP Diego Maradona
  13. LD50

    Shit happens

    So you play Monopoly and you land on a bad spot. You dont ask's just Monopoly When the positive stuff happens in life you accept it, you don't ask's just life When the negatives happen, you ask why??? Fuck's just life ----Random muses from the Ekstasis libraries
  14. LD50

    T-bone steak is an over rated steak

    That T shaped bone is in the fekking way
  15. LD50

    Help with abuse

    So my daughter's half sister (26) is a drug addict, in and out of rehabs. Her family wrote her off. She's now living in a brothel somewhere in CT and the pimp abuses her badly. He's also applied the old fear tactic of threatening to kill her family members if she tries to leave. I know this...
  16. LD50

    Check you Antihistamine

    First generation antihistamines Second generation antihistamines Cetirizine (Zyrtec, Allecet, Texa, Zetop) Loratadine (Clarityne, Allergex-non drowsy, AP Loratidine, Pollentyme); Active ingredient and examples of trade names --> Chlorpheniramine (Allerhist®, Allergex®)...
  17. LD50

    Comments about actors

    Now this doesn't belong in the Media section so I posted it here. After watching "The Trial of the Chicago 7" on Netflix, I was reminded once more what a brilliant actor Mark Rylance is. Although more familiar as a stage actor, incidentally also his preference, Mark possesses the ability to...
  18. LD50

    Plans for today

    1. Buy a big ass ladder- want to clean gutters 2. Continue with craft cabinet building 3. Go buy more screws 4. Watch Fargo 5. Do tax 🤔
  19. LD50

    Let's hear it for The Grotto and its Master

    Guys! and girls. Come on, what a nice get together place this is? Let's hear it. PICK ONE fo shizzle my nizzle
  20. LD50

    Restok Me

    Anyone using Restok Me for groceries ? Their focus is to bring all weekly promotions of all major grocery chain stores to you in one place. And they go further: YOU SAVE UP TO 20% - on every order! NO DELIVERY COSTS - your orders delivered directly to your door! NO UPFRONT PAYMENTS - you...