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    Earth's Moon
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    The software for all prepaid electricity meters in South Africa will expire in 2024,%20Table%20View,%20Blaauwberg,%20Parklands,%20Melkbosstrand?fbclid=IwAR35dyUjavYkO-UKsmV30sZjiqY9h3d4no2OcFlsfHeyin3UcL3jYpbvqf0 Prepaid metering...
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    The 2022 F1 Thread

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    Black Friday 2021
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    Space...the final Frontier

    Amazing illustration of the size of our star king compared to other stellar bodies. The Sun is a complex and exciting body that was born approximately 4.6 billion years ago - The diameter of the Sun reaches 1,392,684 kilometers (and a radius of about 696,342 kilometers). about 100 times more...
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    How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?
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    What is the worst tasting food/drink you have ever consumed?

    Apple Cider Vinegar
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    An Ancient Space Object Found "Close" to the Sun
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    Photography and other highly skilled jobs any prick thinks they can just do
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    Insert Idiots Here
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    Japan tests rotating detonation engine for the first time in space
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    Confirmed! A Tiny Exoplanet With Only 40% of Earth's Mass
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    A Dyson Sphere Could Bring Humans Back From the Dead
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    Food & Drink News/Research/New Products
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    Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: 2021

    Brandon Valjalo =AZUOcy1UFBbIOn3qoJc0sF6iC5rZ1D_NiCBOBR6cr6oDzSeSM9CaQ59DJrl7M0nxhD6BQtHKiaJ92hkjd7YNu1u7l3nb_9sfWP-FRy2pOrwJMYcAqTfFaNzDjOIuweJ6M1ylK1OJgaf69xM48KMjCAGuXfmH2a2EhXhGWxSByvbRpXhmluMP3Ld0XyrRHktJs5k81uYz_CWZ_rr8c9VQ-e6YpeAfWWhdxlYxss0LmqEoaQ&__tn__=*NK-y-R']#Skateboarding makes...
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    NASA predicts moon 'wobble' and climate change will lead to more floods
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    Movie/Series News
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    South Africa's First Vegan Supermarket
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    Physicists take the most detailed image of atoms to date

    Physicists just put Apple’s latest iPhone to shame, taking the most detailed image of atoms to date with a device that magnifies images 100 million times, Scientific American reports. The researchers, who set the record for the highest resolution microscope in 2018, outdid themselves with a...