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  1. Tribs

    The Universe is Hostile to Computers

    While this is fascinating - it is terrifying too. We are at the mercy of these tiny particles that bombard us
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    LPW 32: Half Time but no break

    Well we have reached the half point of the year. Time for a new LPW it seems.
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    The Chat Room

    As the LPW thread seems to be on its last legs - the suggestion was for a general chat thread. So here it is.
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    LPW29: This isn't working

    How could no one post the entire day? I was stuck in training but where were you all?
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    Advertising on the internet (Google ads etc)

    I have some friends who have decided that advertising on Facebook is not for them as their target market ignore posts there and all they get are likes - no actual business. They would like to use Google but have found the entire process confusing and longwinded and difficult. Is there anyone...
  6. Tribs

    LPW 26: Winter is coming

    Why? Where was everyone ?
  7. Tribs

    SARS - Calculate how much can you deduct for working from home Hope this will be useful.
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    Buying a mattress

    This is something I always find hard to do as it is one thing that determines the state you are in for most of the day. I need help with this. I am terrible at selecting furniture - and even worse at beds. My main considerations. It needs to be comfortable and king-sized It must be...
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    The NEW Crisis in Cosmology - PBS Space Time

  10. Tribs

    LPW 22: The ides of March 2021

    It seems going to bed early was bad for the thread. So I made a new one. Have a great day everyone
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    DIY and other Projects

    I am repurposing this thread to include all DIY and other projects. Feel free to add to it. Relaxing spot in the garden I am keen to build a little relaxing spot in the garden. Something we can use when we want to escape the house. Probably be mainly me as most here are happy to stay...
  12. Tribs

    SA hidden military Space facility

    You guys should be able to help me. I came across this in one of the TG groups I am in. Does anyone know what happened?
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    Informal WhatsApp Group for TheGrotto

    If you feel like exploring the more social side of The Grotto, we have created a WhatsApp group. Considering changing it to a Telegram Group if more people are interested but want to remain anonymous.
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    PCF Virtual Reunion

    Posting this here in case any of you used to go to the PC Format Forum. We are getting together on Saturday. Already the WA group is bringing back sooo many memories. PC Format (PCF) Virtual Reunion. 12 Sept - 10am SAST. Platform - Zoom Time: Sep 12, 2020 09:00 Europe/London Sep 12, 2020...
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    Azure, VisualStudio and Web development.

    Ok - I am into learning Azure and Visual Studio. For my first project - while I learn - I want to create a web site. I actually have no idea where to start. I have done Azure Fundamentals (AZ900) and done part of Azure Administrator (AZ103). I have not used C# and html in like forever (was a...
  16. Tribs

    Something you don't know about me

    We all have strange things that people don't know about us. Tell us something we don't know about you. Can be normal - can be weird - can be something we suspect and you are confirming it. I will begin I love odd numbers. But to the point that I prefer odd and a half numbers. (eg 17.5) If...
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    LPW #7: Last Post Wins

    This is ridiculous people. You need to post more.
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    LPW #1: Last Post Wins

    Yes - the idea is to be the last person to post before the thread is closed. We used to aim for 10k posts - but that is rather predictable. So I propose a new rule. This thread can be closed at any time (by the OP or the manager of the forum). This makes the length/duration an unknown...
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    This is one trend that is really leaving me with that gobsmacked feelling.
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    Bots and other useful stuff

    I was looking for a bot when I came up with this one So now I no longer have to log into Gmail to read and reply - they come through to Telegram and I can do it all there. I am trying to learn how to make the bot that does what I want. I can use Power Automate (Flow) to...