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  1. emam

    PayPal for dummies

    Pls can someone help this technologically challenged woman.... My daughter has started doing online work that pays in dollars (no, @Kornhole , it's not an IG only Fans page [emoji849]). They did the first transfer to her newly opened PayPal account today but we don't know how to link it up to...
  2. emam

    Is this you?

    Something has always fascinated me. Why do people have to pretend to be someone they are not on the internet? Why do they have two "separate" lives? Are you the same person on the internet as you are in real life or do you have to bullshit everyone for attention? It's just starting to piss me...
  3. emam


    @BloodrayneZA Let's do this I'll start with a nice, gluten free mini quiche just for you PS this screenshot is from my IG catering page, you can all go give it a follow and spread the word [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] PPS I'm not going to be giving out any of my secret...
  4. emam

    Anyone know what had a good munch here?

    A friend sent me this..... A bite of sorts.. Can anyone speculate who the culprit could have been? It's a very weird bite