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    Interesting Videos

    @Paul Hjul
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    The Chat Room

    Ha ha. Was an oversight.
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 News specific to South Africa

    Overstrand active cases (Kleinmond, Hermanus, Stanford and Gansbaai) 27 Nov 41 <-- 2nd wave start 29 Nov 64 7 Dec 98 9 Dec 122 11 Dec 138 14 Dec 207 17 Dec 287 18 Dec 314 21 Dec 376 23 Dec 481 24 Dec 559 28 Dec 661 30 Dec 623 31 Dec 748 4 Jan 733 6 Jan 678 8 Jan 734 11 Jan 507 14 Jan 656 18 Jan...
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    The Chat Room

    Noooo! I get super stressed out when a live server has issues with clients on your case. In this case it was non functional and took several hours to figure out. Doesn't help my stress level.
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    The Chat Room

    Thanks but it's fixed now. ;)
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    What is the worst tasting food/drink you have ever consumed?

    Even those are too sweet, I dilute it with Pepsi Light.
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    The Chat Room

    A line of code I was supposed to write in 2015, wasn't. It took six years for that to surface. A database table that was supposed to be truncated weekly wasn't and I suspect it grew to billions of records. The database choked and wouldn't do new inserts causing retries and a runaway of new...
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    The Funny Pictures and Jokes Thread

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    The Chat Room

    Had a dead server to deal with for half the day.
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    What is the worst tasting food/drink you have ever consumed?

    Cherry or Vanilla Dr Pepper or Coke with spiced rum is delicious
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    Time for a beer after a stressful start to the day.
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    Not the best start to my holiday with a server down. Fixed now so hopefully peaceful for the next ten days. Remain on standby though.
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    Amazing Pictures Thread

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    Amazing Pictures Thread

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    /sips red wine
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    The weight loss/gain thread

    94.6 up 1.8 Damn you ramen!