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  1. Johnatan56

    The Chat Room

    Tbh, that was quite a let down. Great idea, poor execution. If you haven't yet, Hot Fuzz, though don't know if on South African Netflix, doctor sleep, mind hunter, Cuckoo, all are quite different form each other to give you a selection.
  2. Johnatan56

    Annoying people

    Utterly disagree, typing means I need to look down, voice note I can start when it's safe to do so (e.g. red light) and talk without looking down, my car used to use the mic set up in it and audio was fine while I was looking at the road and talking.
  3. Johnatan56

    What is the worst tasting food/drink you have ever consumed?

    As in due to being off or as supposed to be prepared? Going with latter. Marmite. Cooked raisins, for some reason my body can't stand it, that includes the smell of hot cross buns. Some cheeses (there's one, think Limburg or something, you get it often in cheese places here, tastes really good...
  4. Johnatan56

    Apple Watch & Fitness+ :p
  5. Johnatan56

    Apple Event 2021

    I'd bet 2023 earliest, 2025 likely. I edited my post a little again.
  6. Johnatan56

    Apple Event 2021

    You won't see anything proper AR for Apple before 2023, probs 2024/2025. By proper AR I mean glasses or something like that. Proper AR hardware is basically the Quest 2 now, and that isn't that great (those camera sensors don't do color, but supposedly they're working on some algorithms to...
  7. Johnatan56

    Apple Event 2021

    Wow, just tuned in to the new iPad mini, and they're like "strongest ever", obviously, then brag about aluminum being 100% recycled, well obviously because it's cheaper to use recycled one (5% of energy use), something like 75% of all aluminum mined is still in use. Watch now has fall detection...
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    Apple Event 2021

  9. Johnatan56

    The Chat Room

    Covid usually leaves you with very heavy fatigue for at least 2/3 months after it if you get a bad case, usually ~4 month mark most are completely over it (though 5% of hospitalized cases are supposedly 6 months, 1.7% at 1 year so far, but those were stats from ~3 months ago). Personally I was...
  10. Johnatan56

    The Chat Room

    Ordered something for a friend: Still love how Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. all have some of the crappiest sites in regards to user testing. I'm guessing Ö is Ö, not sure why you'd escape that and use the ascii code since it's a UTF-8 site, but oh well.
  11. Johnatan56

    Your Desktop (computer or phone)

    Here is something higher res as an alternative :p
  12. Johnatan56

    The Chat Room

    Just say one of them is faulty and you cannot diagnose in the description. It's probably a capacitor on the motherboard, so some dude will take it off you and reuse CPU or fix the mobo, usually it's not that difficult to diagnose if you have some stuff to measure voltage/resistance to see what's...
  13. Johnatan56

    The Chat Room

    Working or broken? Working, put it on marketplace or something, else go to the municipal dump, most of them have a section for electronics and the people there will love you.
  14. Johnatan56

    Zapiro Thread

    Tbh, that is pretty tone deaf/not understanding of both situations, both are horrors. One issue as well, Afghanistan would have been at war anyways (not diminishing the fact that the US should never have entered in the first place), and I would like to know how he got 500k since Pakistan and...
  15. Johnatan56

    Conservationist vs David Mabuza: Court hears evidence of massive land claims fraud - By Kevin Bloom - 8 September 2021

    A good read, tells of how the current "deputy president" got rich from faking land claims and how they keep Stalingrading the trials so that accusers run out of money, only two witnesses were able to testify due to "technical difficulties" out of dozens. Only those two are more than enough that...
  16. Johnatan56

    Happy Birthday

    Yes, that's why I recommended you go past her place. ;)
  17. Johnatan56

    Amazing Pictures Thread

    So list I got was: combination, mostly sloping stakes right at the beginning, and that roots couldn't grow well under the road due to traffic, and then once a bit taller it was to catch more sun.
  18. Johnatan56

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Jings, go past @Tribs house for cake. :p
  19. Johnatan56

    Missing Grotto Forumites

    Comes off more as a Bellville/Durbanville man to me. :p