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  1. scudsucker

    Girls, depression, Instagram & Facebook

    Teenagers have trouble finding their own path in the world. This Twitter thread (I cannot believe that a "twitter thread" is now a reasonable source...) explores the connection between teenagers (particularly female teens), depression and Facebook/Instagram
  2. scudsucker

    Cheese, Snails, Jesus, Underwear and Spectacles

    A somewhat humerous, somewhat factual look at western society:
  3. scudsucker

    I need, tomorrow, some power tools

    Where do I hire these in Cape Town on a Sunday? - small generator (to power the following) - circular saw - variable torque drill - mechanical sander I need to secure a bunch of buildings that have become inhabited. I don't own the property; any "evictions" will be for the govt account. I just...
  4. scudsucker

    Wheelie bin replacement

    3rd world problem: someone stole our wheelie bin to live in. I know I can get a replacement free from the Cape Town municipality, but I was wondering two things: a) If I buy my own, bright red or yellow one from Plastics for Africa or similar, will the waste removal guys pick it up? Not sure...
  5. scudsucker

    Cake Design

    Probably need suggestions from @emam on this, although it is going to to be a VERY amateur effort. My 4 year old son has chosen a theme for my wife's upcoming birthday (which, in a 4 year old's mind absolutely MUST include cake). The theme is "Coronaraptor" - a portmanteau of current events...
  6. scudsucker

    The Long Con (editorial, Nov 2012, on the topic of US conservative graft)

    This is an illuminating long-form editorial on the topic of conservative graft. Well written. ...
  7. scudsucker

    Open source standards / software project

    for controlling intimate hardware. You are welcome.
  8. scudsucker


    With the recent fire at my windmill - and the destruction of the government property next door (Die Meule) the bergies have now started moving in and liberating what they can find. I found a few pieces of copper pipe stolen from Die Meule, and, a bergie's picnic basket, containing some food...
  9. scudsucker

    Why We Have So Many Problems with Our Teeth

    Dental problems such as crowding and cavities are common in people today. But other species tend not to have such afflictions, nor did our fossil forebears. Our teeth have evolved over hundreds of millions of years to be incredibly strong and to align precisely for efficient chewing. They...
  10. scudsucker

    What could have caused this damage?

    Wife's Golf 5. Appeared in the last two days. Left middle of the side of the bonnet. An obvious scratch on the bonnet (right of 1st pic), and then.. something ate through the paint (left side of 1st pic)? Especially on the bodywork, rather than the bonnet with the scratch. Random splatter...
  11. scudsucker

    Hacker Dosed With LSD While Restoring Historical Synth OK then. Next time wear gloves when restoring vintage electronic instruments!