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    The Faniebraai Braai thread

    Sjoe! Remembering Fanie. Good times we had.
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    Recent tech purchases

    There's a guy who replaced the switches on my mouse. If you're interested I'll PM you his details
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    Buying a house in Cape Town

    You'd be surprised - when I bought my house ten years ago the previous owner took the light fittings....
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    Football Thread: All Teams / All Leagues?

    Is Solanke still playing for B'mouth?
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    There ie diagnostic s/w available that you can use to test your controller on your PC.
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    Omg I owned both those Donkey Kong 'consoles' back in the day.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Haven't even started. Not sure why I buy these games..... Steam library filled with implanted titles....
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    I've just about started playing BotW - can see that it's going to occupy me for a long time
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    Recent tech purchases

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    Recent tech purchases

    Thanks. You are a mensch!
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    Game Recommendations

    Ori and the Will of the Wisps Platformer PC and Xbox (Gamepass) Awesome gameplay, graphics, animation, sound, music, story and atmosphere. Even if you're not into platformers this one is worthy of a try. The prequel (Ori and the Blind Forest) was also awesome.
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    Isn't there an Apple keynote address tonight?

    Anyone know if the Airtags are available yet?
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    Sad confession - I have a launch version Switch with Zelda that I've never played - don't seem to move able to find the time...
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    Recent tech purchases

    Personally I like the Tapatalk filter that allows you to quickly scan threads you've posted in
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    Recent tech purchases

    What is this Xenforo you speak about? Is it an app? Does it work with any website? There's a forum I frequent that refuses to install the Tapatalk extension 'cos 'Tapatalk us shite' according to the mod but viewing the forum in WebView on a mobile is even worse (imo)