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    We had plenty of eggscuses for an Easter eggstravaganza

    Paul A. Young’s gilded egg. Photo: Instagram

    Has Easter’s eggstravanganza got you excited or are you too old for that? No doubt chocolate bunnies and eggs have been flying off shelves in recent days. And no doubt that has helped to sweeten lockdown for children. But what about adults? Who cares about how they feel?

    It so happens that some people do. Look at what these creatives came up with for Easter.

    British chocolatier Paul A. Young (who is often called Willie Wonka after the eccentric chocolate factory owner dreamed up by Roald Dahl) posted photos of his glamorous eggs online. Some appear to be the size of ostrich eggs and look as if they have been dusted with gold. One sprouts a pair of elegant horns. Another has a chocolate chicken lurking in its tummy. The bit of online marketing is power for the course. Young is after all the presenter of an online course on Learningwithexperts entitled “How to make the perfect Easter egg.”

    Another eggstravagant egg, created by Paul A. Young. Photo: Instagram

    The very existence of the course hints at a future after coronavirus. One that mixes artistry with commerce and a bit of self-promotion. It says that all is not lost. One of Young’s followers remarked on Instagram, “I signed up for class, and this gives me such joy during a difficult time. Thank you!”

    Drawbertson wearing that bunny face mask. Photo: Instagram

    US illlustrator Drawbertson managed as always to sound a jolly note. He made a video of himself in which he drew two cheeky bunny teeth onto the front of a face mask that is a fleshly pink. British illustrator Angelica Hicks also mustered cheer. She decorated a chicken egg in her seductively naive style, and accompanied the photo with a challenge to the other members of her creative family to follow her example. This caused her designer father Ashley to make a remark about eggstravaganza… On our part we can only say: thank goodness for eggstravaganzas. It manages to cheer us up during this dark time.


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