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    The Easter bunny’s checkered past

    Image: Wikimedia/Easter postcard by Stecher, ca. 1915

    The history of the Easter bunny is not quite what one imagines it to be. One imagines it to be squeaky clean and also cute. The truth is more complex. Much more.

    According to Wikipedia the original Easter bunny was a complex creature that had the ability to lay eggs. Yes, you read that right. The bunny was also thought to be a hermaphrodite, “one that could reproduce without loss of virginity.”

    Strange ability
    In the 18th century it was known as the Osterhase to the children of Protestant German immigrants in the United States. They made nests in which it could lay its eggs.

    The beliefs around the bunny has since then been simplified no end, so that its historic associations seem somewhat shocking to a more contemporary imagination. It seems it is our era, after all, that is the more straight-laced, and not the past.


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