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    Tippie Enslin’s recipe for quick and easy pumpkin soup

    Tippie Enslin • 700g Pumpkin peeled and ready to...

    Tippie Enslin’s recipe for roasted rack of lamb

    Tippie Enslin • 1 Rack of Lamb french trimmed •...

    Wholesome Mushroom & Lemon Soup

    Delicious and nutritious, and easy to make too! Elizabeth Underhay from Cradock created this recipe. It was then passed on to the...

    Recipe: sublime citrus smoothie

    This citrus smoothie packs in flavour and goodness. It was created by the owner and chef of The Lovely Grapevine restaurant in...

    Crunchy Cape Toffee Apple Fritters with Honey & Spice

    These delightful apple fritters will add a sweet note to your day. The recipe for the fritters comes courtesy of the kind...

    Fantastic Fruit Mousse Recipe

    This fantastic fruit mousse presses all the right buttons. The recipe was developed by the foodies at


    Medical aid: Eish!

    Medical aids. Don't talk to her about them! So complains a reader of The Grotto, who is battling her medical aid at this very moment.


    Mia Valodia Wessels van Zijl invariably transports readers to a more poetic reality.

    Kaiings in Kaboel

    Die digter-sjef Zane Beswick het 'n heerlike artikel geskryf oor die Kaboem-maaltyd wat hy in Kaboel, die hoofstad van Afghanistan, moes maak.

    Errieda du Toit se knievrye witbrood in ‘n gietysterpan

    Errieda du Toit‘n Brood en ‘n baie spesiale bord.Die herdenkingsbord het ek in 1998 vir my Ma...

    Taal lawwigheid: Snuf in die neus kry

    Dis glo reg om te sê "Die snuf in die neus kry" eerder as "snuf in die neus kry." Ek sou verskil daarmee. Ek los altyd 'die' uit en dink dit klink beter so vir my.

    Gerook, gedrink, gerangskik

    In hierdie liriese essay skryf Lise Beswick oor 'n boom wat so groot is dat jy hom van die maan kan sien en blare wat kraak soos pakkies chips as jy oor hulle loop.


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